“Going Mobile” White Paper Review

One thing that is clear about AdLand is that we will never run out of whitepapers to read. As content and inbound marketing continues to sharpen, and as marketing professionals continue the never-ending push to be hailed as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), the whitepaper will get even more popular.

At least with infographics, short video and advents like Periscope, we see more differentiation in how thought leadership looks like. The variety now makes the occasional whitepaper less burdensome.

Don’t get us wrong- we love reading what people are thinking. So please, if you have a whitepaper, feel free to email it us so we can get a conversation going.

“Going Mobile- Web-Based Firms Make Move to Mobile-First”

This free whitepaper is a preview of the conversations that are scheduled to happen during the Open Mobile Summit London 2016. It highlights some interviews and thoughts from marketing executives from OpenTable, Vimeo, Evernote and more. Not a bad start to building some credibility.

The Gist
The paper highlights those companies that were “Web 1.0”, meaning that these companies were web-based organizations. The paper highlights how these companies thought about making the change from being solely desktop/laptop focused, to mobile-first focused.

The Highlights

The OpenTable case study pointed out is pretty interesting. The product manager interviewed mentioned how it was their original intention to keep consumers from using their phones, meaning calling for reservations and things like that. But OpenTable quickly saw the benefit of having a robust mobile interface and app for consumers to use to enhance the dining experience.

Vimeo raised some important points to consider when thinking about a mobile-first philosophy. First, realize the cost. Second, understand that your ENTIRE audience is not going to make the move from computer to mobile.

“Mobile-first”, then, as we would agree, is a little bit of a misnomer.

Overall Impression

The emphasis of mobile marketing strategies and product development is a fascinating one. Thankfully, more companies are jumping into the arena and we get a front row seat to see which brands will win at mobile, and which ones struggle. We liked the snippets from this Open Mobile Summit whitepaper, and we hope that the conference is an rewarding experience for everyone who attends.