Industry as Strong as Our Weakest Colleague

We got the title of this post from a line we wrote in post early on in our role as Lead Blogger for Beyond Madison Avenue.

Looking at it again, it rings truer now than ever before.

We appropriated it to AdLand from its original, sports environment. A football team, soccer team,track team, are all as strong as its weakest teammate, area, or event. Instead of focusing on the strengths, we examine how our vulnerabilities affect our chances of victory.

Likewise in advertising, if our victory is winning over the public, our vulnerability includes those practitioners who lack the sufficient education, reasoning and experience necessary to do the industry justice.

What can AdLand do? The barriers to entry for advertising are much lower than the medical, legal, and engineering practices.

Yet, out of those, advertising garners the most attention from buyers, whether consumer or industrial.

Getting degrees in the practice is one thing, and passing exams administered from the AMA, IABC and the like are another. It still isn’t enough.

We can continue to rely on basic free enterprise principles and hope that the weak ones are phased out naturally. But, if history holds true, those principles do not hold up.

We welcome any suggestions you all might have in fixing AdLand’s weakest link. We’ll revisit this topic soon.