Advertising on Jerseys- Could Be Worse

Everyone has been waiting for it,and the shoe finally dropped- late last April the news came that the NBA will sell advertising space on jerseys starting in the 2017 season. The space, not larger than six square inches on the jersey, is estimated to bring in over a hundred million dollars of additional revenue to the basketball league.

But, is this such a big deal?

Perhaps it is a big deal in the United States. Internationally, sports teams have been exposed to this model for decades. People call this commercialization, others call it ad-saturation, and others are just plain unhappy with it.

It is interesting then, to encourage those against this idea to entertain other ways businesses can boost revenues. Teams could raise ticket prices, raise concession stand prices, raise parking prices, raise merchandise prices, and even charge more for other items.

Oh wait, but those options force the consumer to pay. This additional source of revenue through advertising, does not force the consumer to pay anything upfront.

In that case, the better deal IS the advertising on the jerseys.

Consumers will get used to it, as they always do.